Do you take any dogs for boarding?


We take all shapes and sizes, however, our business is run from our family home, so all dogs must be house trained, and social, as we may have other boarders, and dogs in for day care



My Dog sleeps with me


All dogs must feel comfortable sleeping in a room alone or with other dogs. Crates are available for dogs used to sleeping in a crate.  Dogs are not allowed upstairs in our home.



Will you accept bitches in season/ intact males?


We take male puppies up to maturity, unfortunately we cannot accept intact male dogs over one year old, or bitches in season.



Will you collect my dog?


Dogs can be collected for daycare, walking or boarding. We do however only offer this service in and around the South Wonston area, get in touch if your not sure. We will charge for key collection and mileage, see pricing for further details.



My Dog has special needs


Unfortunately we cannot support dogs with special needs



I’m not sure my dog is great off the lead


This is no problem, all we ask is you let us know. If they are fine off the lead, we just need you to fill in some paperwork.



My Dog likes to sleep in his/her own dog-bed.


Beds for boarding are fine, however, we ask no wicker baskets, because of hygiene reasons



Will my dog have full roam of your house?


During the day time, they are allowed where the family are but not upstairs. This includes the garden area which has been specifically secured for dogs.



My dog is on medication.


Oral medication is fine, if it's more complicated, please get in touch to see what we can offer.



Will you walk my dog separate to the rest of the group?


All dogs must be comfortable walking with other dogs. We do not have the capacity to offer individual dog walks.



What do you offer over Christmas/Easter


Christmas and Easter are important times of the year for us, however we do accept boarding and cat visits,  These times tend to be booked up well in advance. A premium will apply, see pricing page for details.



What hours do you operate


Our normal working day is between 8.00am – 6.00pm Moday to Friday for Daycare (stays outside these times will be charged at the boarding rate and must be pre-booked). Drop offs and pick ups times for boarding must be pre booked.



Do I need to bring my own dog food.


Yes, you will need to supply food.  All food must be put it in a individual plastic container, it is a requirement of our boarding licence.



Will you water our house plants when you visit my cat?


When dropping in to see your cats, we will water any indoor plants, organise mail, and put out bins. we can also pull curtains, and turn on/off lights if required.



What areas do you cover for cat visits?


We cover north Winchester and the South Wonston area (i.e. Kings Worthy, Littleton, Harestock, Hyde, Wonston, and Sutton Scotney)



How can I pay?


We can accept Cheque, Cash, and online Bank Transfer


Is there Parking at Home or Away Petcare?


You can use the drive if there is space or any of the communal parking spaces.  We live in a small close with traffic coming in and out all day.  Please park outside the house with consideration for our neighbours.